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Product info Increase your profit OEM-Label Branding

CloudCorder offers you a great feature for your IP Cameras. Your customers can manage one or many cameras in the Cloud with a single login. Especially, they can record all events that happened in front of their camera. It's all being stored in the Cloud.
Cooperate with us and you are immediately being updated to the latest technology: Cloud Computing!

With CloudCorder, you have two main advantages:
  • You have an additional feature, so you will increase your sales volume.
  • You also earn extra money for each camera which uses CloudCorder, so you will increase your profit margin.

You can offer this service to your customers and say: "This is our service". That's ok for us. We even offer you a complete OEM-Label Branding service! With CloudCorder, you get the perfect solution to tell your customers that you offer a special feature to them. We take care of all the maintainance, so you can concentrate on selling.
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