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OEM-Label Branding

We can...
  • Fully integrate this solution into your IP Camera's WebUI(s)
  • Connect all your IP Cameras to the cloud
  • Provide you an individualized Recording and Managing Platform
  • Provide you an individualized SALES Platform
    (No preview for the Sales Platform here. It will be fitted to your local markets.)
  • ...and much more!   -> Contact us

Below you can find examples for OEM-Branded integrations.


( 1 )   WebUI integration example

( 2 )   WebUI integration example

( 3 )   Recording- and Managing Platform Example
          You can have you own product name!

( 4 )   Recording- and Managing Platform Example
Translatable into every language

You can apply your Corporate styling!

It is not required to call this product "CloudCorder".
When you offer it to your customers, you can apply your own product name. So it's your company's invention.

Everything is individually customizable.

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